March/April 2021 Sire Edition

we were making the Top 5 at different shows with Gabby. My family and I truly had no idea what was to come in the fall. We were awfully excited to head to West Monroe, Louisiana, this Summer for Limousin Junior Nationals. Junior Show day did not go as well as we had hoped for, and afterwards I had no idea how true the words, “Your time will come” from Chase Ratliff would be. A few days later we showed in the Open Limousin Show which started Gabby and I’s unforgettable run. Doug Satree chose Gabby as the Champion Limousin Heifer in the All American Limousin Futurity... the emotions ran high that day as that was our first time to be slapped Champion at a National Show! To say we were ecstatic would be an understatement. After missing all the jackpot shows in the spring due to Covid, dad promised me that we would travel many miles to attend all the shows Covid would allow us to in the fall. We showed four weekends in a row throughout September and early October and were fortunate enough to be in the Top 5 at all of the shows, while earning Supreme Female at two of the shows. Throughout the fall we were able to be a part of the Supreme Drive at the N.A.I.L.E, Cattlemen’s Congress, as well as Cowgirls in Cowtown. We always say that there are many stars that have to line up to be successful at the national level; and

with Gabby we were lucky enough to have those stars align. This past January we showed Gabby at the Cowgirls in Cowtown Show and were fortunate enough to be chosen as Supreme Champion Female. Winning in Fort Worth was truly a feeling my family and I will never forget. I remember coming out of the ring and listening to Chase tell me, “I told you your time would come.” Ending Gabby’s show career with her being named a Supreme Female meant so much to my family and I. Not being able to show at as many jackpots in the spring made the wins in the fall much more special. The amount of people in the livestock industry who have supported me throughout my show career has been surreal to my family and I. Being as successful as we have been over the past year with Gabby is something we dreamed about ever since I started showing. I could not have asked for any better family to stand alongside Gabby and I this year than the Ratliff ’s. They have truly been such a great family to work with and have in our corner with Gabby. The feelings that my family and I experienced in Fort Worth are truly indescribable. I could not feel more thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to show Gabby over this past year. They always say that all good things must come to an end, and her time in the show ring might have ended, however she is just getting started making her mark as a donor cow. •


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