March/April 2021 Sire Edition

y name is McKenna Richardson. I’m from the small town of Eureka, Kansas, where I live with my parents, Troy and Jennifer Richardson. I am currently a Senior at Eureka High School with plans to attend Butler Community College in the fall to be on the Livestock Judging Team. In September of 2019, when the Ratliff Family opened up their barn for everyone to look at sale heifers, my family and I wasted no time heading to Westphalia, Ks. My dad told me we had to look through the pens of the smaller May heifers because there was no way we would be able to afford the big

January female I was drawn to after seeing her sale picture. When we finally made it to the lot the January heifers were in, I knew that I wanted the Lot 1 heifer to show without a doubt. Over the next few weeks I didn’t stop talking about buying this heifer; I thought of every scenario that could happen with the sale and whether or not she would end up in our barn. Ratliff ’s sale is in the form of a phone bid off, so after many long days of phone calls from Chase and David, dad called me and said, “We bought Gabby.” Throughout the winter and spring of last year, we were starting to become very excited, as


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