March/April 2021 Sire Edition

IT’S AS EASY AS... 185

PRO- FINISHER (T5904FOC) The new and improved Corn Blend, a high-energy feed to begin finishing your steer and maturing him into a fat steer while maintaining great body shape and dimension. PROTEIN - 11% FAT - 4% • FIBER - 8%


1/3 PRO-GROWER (T5907FOC) Two of the most popular Formula of

The most unique show feed in the industry, Mega Champ® offers the benefits of a barley based ration while using the performance of spelts and the inclusion of our premium topdresses. Ideal for cattle over 1,000 pounds. Cattle finished on Mega Champ® will have a fresh look & handle, and ultimate dimension while coasting into their target weight.

Champions ® feeds joined forces to bring you the ultimate steer growing feed! Use the new and improved 1/3 Pro-Grower to maximize your steers’ potential and show ring results !

PROTEIN - 12% FAT - 4% • FIBER - 15%

PROTEIN - 12% FAT - 4% • FIBER - 12%

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