March/April 2021 Sire Edition

C alving ease speCialists The question was posed, “Do you just like pretty cat- tle?” Why yes, yes we do. That being said why can’t we have it all? Why can’t have cattle with power, foot size, correctness, MUSCLE, and phenotypically cor- rect proportions that feed, that have nice udders, that have longevity and productivity bred into their pedi- gree? Why can’t we have bulls that will make cattle with that eye catching correctness and balance on the end of a lead rope that will hang a carcass, that grade, make cows that produce the year, after year, after year? Our answer is you can, we aren’t just show cattle. Griswold Cattle sees all ends of the industry, and simply put, we think you as consumer deserves more, let us help you get it. Don’t settle for mediocre.

BW: 78 CE: 16 BW: -2

GCC Total Recall x OCC Juanada 925R AAA# 17001727 Owned w/ Bourquin Cattle Co, JE Ranch, Boss Cattle

Calving ease with Maternal! CE: 18.2 BW: -2 API 155.8

PB SM. Duracell T52 x Right to Love 015U ASA# 2983443 Owned w/ Yardley Cattle Calving Ease Purebred!


3/4 Maine. Dual Threat x Sooner x Bouncer AMA# 495115 Owned w/ Copeland Calving Ease Supreme! BW: 59 CE: 11 BW: -0.8 BW: 69 CE: 12 BW: -2

Owned w/ Bourquin Cattle Co, Texas CDS, Phil Williams

John Griswold: 405-780-3300 Call the office for your semen orders: (405) 372-3300 GRISWOLDCATTLE.COM buy 24/7 online at the click of a mouse!

Total Recall xGCC Jody 900U (Emblazon x 066) AAA# 16855217

066 cow family with Calving ease!

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