March/April 2021 Sire Edition

for the upcoming young exhibitors. Agriculture and cattle are my calling and I have no plans on leaving the industry anytime soon”. Some simple advice from the 6’2”, red-headed, slender young man is “always congratulate your opponent. It speaks volumes for your character and sets a tone for others around you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or even questions. We all started out not knowing everything. But more importantly, thank your family, your Breeder and the crews behind the scenes. Basically, your circle. Study hard and always, I repeat always, try to help educate those about our industry.” •


and he relies heavily on the Jackson Family. Cole admires those who are self- driven, humble, respectful and hard-working that share an interest in high quality show cattle like he does. When you ask Cole what his future plans are, his response is simple…. “Continue to educate myself and others the best I can. I plan on attending college to double major in Agriculture and Nursing. I would like to be a Physician’s Assistant (PA) and hopefully continue to raise high quality show heifers

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