March/April 2021 Sire Edition

Champion at State Fair of Texas, Heart of Texas, Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Rodeo Austin and Limousin Junior Nationals. He has had Reserve Breed Champions at San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo numerous times over his show career. He enjoys showing outside of Texas just as much as he likes to stay local (even though Texas is BIG)! Cole hit the road when given the opportunity to show, considering livestock shows were canceling rapidly due to Covid-19, at the Mississippi Youth Expo where he was Champion AOB in late Fall 2020. Then he took Reserve Champion honors with a Purebred Limousin (bred and raised by ROMN Limousin) at the Cattlemen’s Congress in OKC which kicked off the spring season off to a good start. Soon to follow was the Cowgirls in Cowtown show in Fort Worth where he won Champion Percent Simmental. Learning to adjust to the Covid-19 ways seemed difficult for most, but for Cole he took the restricted opportunities and “masked” up. If that was the only way he would be able to round out his Junior career, he would do so with a smile hidden by a mask. He will be the first to tell you that backdrop pictures look a tad different with the mask on, but one day we will look back and say “remember when we almost had livestock showing


taken away”? Covid-19 has definitely put a spin on this industry and livelihoods of individuals, but hopefully preventative measures will reduce everyone’s risk and allow us all to continue to play a vital role in the livestock industry. “You have family and then you have stockshow family and for each I am ever so grateful. Our family looks forward to each show and when all the cancellations were happening, it seemed like a rug was pulled out from underneath us all” said Cole. When asked his most

memorable events, he gladly says “From stepping out of my quiet comfort zone and participating for the first time in Sales Talk at Limousin Junior Nationals with “Fergie” a few years back, I never imagined I would win. However, when you are talking about a phenomenal female like Fergie, the smooth charismatic sales talk came relatively easy”! Junior Nationals is always one of his favorites because of seeing such high quality cattle from various Breeders from all over the United States. Winning the Junior Nationals Sales

Talk, Livestock Judging and even Photography just puts another feather in his imaginary hat. Since the beginning of his show career, he has built a relationship with Jackson Cattle Company which has set the bar high for a young man of his age and his brother. He says repeatedly that “you need to find a good Breeder and build a relationship with them. Success doesn’t come easy or quick but trust and hard work ethic will carry anyone far in life and in the show ring”. Everyone needs the support and advice from industry leaders

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