2021 Harvest of Excellence

25 BMW Ace 408J SIRE: NMR Maternal Made DOB: 4-8-2021 / Registered MaineTainer 1/4 DAM: BMW Ace (McKinley x Rockn Ace 36U)

408J is a wide made massive female that has all the goods to be an awesome brood cow. Her added bone and stoutness will allow her to be so diverse when mating her. This is a really neat heifer that will show well but will be that donor we all want in just a few short years.


26 BMW Jane 310J

SIRE: Fu Man Chu

DOB: 3-10-2021 / Registered Chi 8.1% DAM: Broker x Ali

Yeah, you are seeing the pic right. This thing is a load and way cool looking. This has been a fun one to look at since birth with her build and added color. Show her commercial or chi we feel she is one that always gets along being as sound and massive as she is. But more importantly we think as a cow the matings are unlimited of what she can do.


27 BMW Y Not 403J

SIRE: NMR Maternal Made

This is a neat dual registered female that is a wide massive creature. This will be a tremendous breeding piece in the future that will be fun to make show steers or females with. Her added volume and power will make the options limitless when mating her. DOB: 4-3-2021 / Registered MaineTainer 1/4 and Chi 8% DAM: BMY Y Not (Classen)




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