Jan/Feb 2020 Stock Show Edition

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many doors for my family to travel the country exhibiting cattle and learning from some of the greats in our breed. Personally, it also gave me some leadership opportunities as part of our national junior board while developing an incredible network of people that shared my cattle interest. Livestock judging was also a big part of my upbringing and sparked the interest to compete at a collegiate level. That experience, along with the chance to coach collegiate teams over the past 20+ years have shaped my personality and evaluation skills. FOUR What does your ideal market steer look like? One thing I love about those with the ability to breed and raise great livestock is that the bar continues to rise. What is “ideal” today may not be quite good enough even next year. However, the fundamentals with which I start my evaluation remain constant. Sound, muscular, appropriately finished market

steers will always get the first look from me. From there, I love a good- looking one, but not at the sacrifice of function and potential carcass value. I am not a judge that prescribes to a certain weight being ideal. Now more than ever, our industry accepts a wide range of end weights. A steer’s frame, muscle and maturity pattern determine its ideal terminal weight and that is different for every calf. I’m not a judge that needs a steer to be extreme in any one

ONE What made youwant to be a judge? Like many young people, I grew up in and around the showring envying the “man with the microphone.” So many of them had an impact on my childhood and as my experiences through livestock judging expanded, I hoped to someday work with young people in that same fashion. TWO Howmany shows have you judged? To date, I’ve had the opportunity to judge over 600 shows in 43 states and Canada.

area. Bring me a complete one and you will be in the hunt.

THREE What is your background in the livestock industry.

I grew up on a diversified farming operation in central Maryland where my family raised Hereford and Angus cattle and ran a small feedyard. My siblings and I were all heavily involved in 4-H programs, raising and showing all species. The Hereford breed has always been a passion and opened


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