Jan/Feb 2020 Stock Show Edition

from our readers

BAYLEY KROUPA Thank you Showtimes. I feel SO honored to be a part of this lineup! (Exhibitors of the Decade) GRETCHENRICHEY These pictures make me smile every time. Thanks so much for being so good at what you do. DEBBIE&DOUGPARKE [Show Center NAILE] Sure a

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great job. The interviews with Dave and Randy plus Sara and Olivia were excellent. Thanks for all you do for the industry. NAILE JR. COLLEGIATE LIVESTOCK JUDGING Thank you for your continued support of the NAILE Junior Collegiate

Mattie Haynes // Jay, OK Lillie Curry // Mt Ayr, IA Logan Johnson // Lodi, WI Tim Elliott // Gallipolis, OH Kim Petrus // Skidmore, TX

Chad Cross // Cheyenne, WY The Rasey Family // Chowchilla, CA Jerri Lynn Sims // Waverly, TN Stephanie Sasser // Harrison, AR Cooper Vague // Freetown, IN

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WILL BANKS Wanted to take a moment and say thank you both for the awards for the judging contest I put on back in the Spring, but the incredible sets of awards you provided for the National 4-H contest, you guys are a true inspiration!!! ALECBAILEY, OSUAGRWINTERBONANZA Thank you to The Showtimes crew for the awesome backdrop. Go pokes!

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