Jan/Feb 2020 Stock Show Edition

Jason’s Background -Grew up on our family farm in Wiley Co where we raised and showed dominantly Simmental cattle and raised Alfalfa. -Parents - Ben & Jo Elmore, brother Elgin. -Very involved in 4-H, FFA and sports. -Attended Connors State College and was a member of the National Champion Jr College Livestock Judging Team. -Graduated Oklahoma State in 2001. -Managed a purebred Angus ranch for 6 years . -Started Elmore Cattle Services in 2006. Jennie’s Background -Spent most of my childhood on the family farm in NW Kansas where we had a commercial cattle operation and wheat farm. -We lost my dad in a tragic auto accident involving a late spring snowstorm when I was 10 years old. -My Mom, brother (Justin) and I continued to operate our farm four years after dad passed away before relocating to NW Oklahoma. -Parents - Linda and Russell Miller and the late Rodney Schlepp. -Taught 5th-6th grade for 6 years before returning to our place to pursue our passion together of raising our girls & starting ECS. Family - Married in 2003. - Daughter Pepper 13 years old. - Daughter Tylee 9 years old. Involvement in Industry / ECS -Everything is done as a family with only part time help. Truth is, Jennie runs EVERYTHING at home since I’m -Involved in 4-H, Rodeo and sports. -Graduated Oklahoma State in 2000.

on the road so much. This year 180 nights away from home. -Raise, show and sell show heifers and bulls. -Own and operate (ECS) a custom fitting and marketing service for purebred cattle. We take cattle in to prepare them for shows, sales and promotion. -Raise cattle for our Fall and Spring Sales. -Show our own cattle on the state and national level. -Both daughters show. -Judge numerous shows. -Work as a member of The Cattle Prostaff for Weaver Livestock. -Conduct approximately 25 show cattle clinics a year for groups all over the country. -Working for Weaver was never in the plans for ECS, but it fits us so PERFECTLY. Special People and Events -I could never name just a few people. I was raised in the show barns and have looked up to countless people and continue to learn from many of them. -Jennie and the girls have probably shaped me as much as anyone. Jen keeps me focused and positive, and the girls keep me driving for more. -Events... Countless shows. Being in the barns is home to me. We know more people at a show than we do in our home town. -NWSS, I think I’ve been there every year of my life.


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