Jan/Feb 2020 Stock Show Edition


The of Maternal

Hold your calving ease bulls to a “Gold Standard.” Don’t just expect it, demand it. With a dose of style, and deep bred maternal, Gold Standard leaves you a generation to build a base on. Call Griswold Cattle for Semen: 405-372-3300

The longer we are around Gold Standard daughters the more value we place in them. Regardless of breed, he adds value, he adds maternal, he adds rib, substance, and style. He is one of the only bulls we know of that will change a cow in one generation. His dam has made do- nors, she has made herd bulls, and consistently produces great ones time and again. The great secret to our success is our Angus cow base. Gold Standard not just a calving ease bull, he’s a money making, proven producer.

Where Maternal Matters

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