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Top Dollar Angus is the industry leader in third-party genetic verification and marketing assistance for superior Angus and Red Angus-based feeder cattle. Our program stamps a unique identity on the ‘best of the best’ by verifying and then showcasing their genetic merit. The Top Dollar Angus team works directly with a large number of feedyards and buyers to provide them with documented superior feeder cattle, coupled with genetic risk Promote Your Verified Genetic Investment

mitigation and the precision understanding they need to pursue your cattle with absolute confidence. Top Dollar Angus enables cow-calf producers to benefit from the genetic value already built into their herds. Producers that invest in high-end genetics, as well as strong health and nutrition programs, need a means of positively differentiating their calves from average cattle. Top Dollar Angus does that. Industry demand is strong for genetically superior feeder calves with the right supporting documentation. Don’t make buyers guess, let them know by putting the Top Dollar Angus badge of honor on your premium genetic investment.

Contact our team for more information and a free evaluation:

Kacey Jacobson • (701) 391-4646 • Jake Feddes • (406) 581-8157 • Adam Menker • (419) 310-5344 • Jason Gagnon • (559) 723-6362 •


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