March/April 2021 Sire Edition


eff Koch and his fiancé, Jill Blake, own and operate ShowTime Cattle Company in Mooreland, Indiana. They are no strangers to the Hereford breed or to the show ring. Jeff grew up outside of Indianapolis on a Polled Hereford farm. Every year he traveled with his family to the Hereford Junior Nationals. Jeff was named the Herdsman of the Year at the 2003 Hereford Junior Nationals. He majored in health and fitness at Purdue University. Jill grew up on a cattle, hog and grain farm in a small Indiana town. Her family raised mainly Horned Herefords but had a handful of other breeds. She started showing when she was 5 years old and showed competitively at the state and national levels. Her love for animals and the Agricultural Industry lead her to Purdue University where she studied Animal Sciences with a focus in Agribusiness. We knew all along that we wanted to be in the cattle industry and after

college we were eager to make our dreams come true. In 2006, we decided to establish our own business, ShowTime Cattle Company. We currently run 50 cows and bulls of our own and custom feed 150 cows. Every day is a team effort as we are both involved in all aspects of the business- from daily chores, making breeding decisions, improving feed rations, finding the next great investment, marketing our cattle to traveling to shows across the country to provide customer service to our customers. ShowTime Cattle Company utilizes reverse sort IVF in our program to maximize the quality and the number of heifers we have each year. We continuously study pedigrees to try and find that “perfect match” to our donors to improve our program. We don’t have a lot of calves each year compared to other farms and ranches across the country so the matings that we selected have to click! We strive to breed and sell cattle that

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