March/April 2021 Sire Edition

known as BOC. What started as nutrition clinics, camps and

showmanship seminars, grew

into a prospect steer show series, open to youth from all across the nation. One would

think between their show cattle operation and BOC that the Meier’s would be left with little down time. In the Fall of 2020, Shane and Tonya felt the need of a Junior National type show for the show/club calf industry – as they are, in all rights, a breed of their own. What did they do? They announced the Show Steer Junior National that will take place July 21-25 in Abilene, Texas. The announcement came as an exciting spark across the industry! The Meier’s plan to run the event similar to other breed Junior Nationals with various contests, activities and shows. Just weeks after announcing the Steer Show Junior National came the cancellation of the 2021 Fort Worth Stock Show. Shane and Tonya did not miss a beat. They rallied their troops and formulated The Patriot Junior Market Steer Show. A Texas Major. Anyone who has never attended a major show in Texas may not grasp the magnitude of this type of event. Classes with close to

she was highly competitive in cheerleading. Following high school, Tonya attended Texas Tech University where she studied Pre- Family Law. Her passion for learning and youth led her to obtain a Master’s in Education. It’s this love of kids that has been a driving force for Tonya as both she and Shane not only tackle life, but approach it with the mindset of – how can we make it better? And that’s exactly what they have done… together, Shane and Tonya have dedicated their life to taking a leadership role in producing opportunities for youth in Agriculture. Along with their sons, Mills and Mason, they own and operate Meier Show Cattle back in Shane’s hometown of Stonewall. Although both boys are currently at Texas Tech, family is still an important aspect of everything they do. Over a decade ago, they founded Battle of the Cattle – also Coming from the two different upbringings,


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