2021 Vision Angus Sale Catalog

Raise Quality Cattle – You can count on Vision Angus to be your seedstock supplier of choice with a ‘Quality’ cowherd based on balanced-trait selection. Growthy, thick ended, fancy calves still command top dollar at the sale barn and on video. Your reputation is as important as how the calves look. Capture the premiumavailable fromhaving the right reputation, quality and information. Don’t just have “Commodity Cattle”. At Vision Angus, we know those calves need to have that eye appeal, growth and thickness. We offer bulls that will provide these phenotypic traits and help you “get noticed”. We also know that maternal traits and cow longevity have the largest impact on your profitability. EPD’s cannot measure every trait. Develop AHerdHealth Plan – You can count on Vision Angus to help you develop a planwith our access to experts and knowledge of the products. Use your veterinarian but just don’t go to the clinic the day before youwork calves and get the vaccine they tell you to get. There are newvaccines available and there are systems to create immunization compliments. Review the vaccine protocols of the video and sale barn programs available to you as sellers. Themost important thing is to develop a plan and take advantage of the value in your feeder calves by having themproperly vaccinated. The data derived fromover 25million head of cattle sold on Superior Livestock is astounding. Calvesweaned and on a vaccination programare commanding higher prices. Provide The Right Nutrition – You can count on Vision Angus to check and balance your rations with over 30 years of ruminant nutrition training and experience Take advantage of University information on nutrition andmanagement. Subscribe to https://beef. unl.edu/beefwatch. Nebraska beef producers have an amazing and talented extension and research systemat University of Nebraska. The science of proper nutrition can help you take advantage of the ‘Quality’ genetics you have selected for your herd. Take Advantage Of Technology – You can count on Vision Angus to provide the guidance and tools to help you utilize these genomic programs. Most of us are also farmers. We use technology in agronomy extensively – seed traits, chemistries and biologicals to name a few. We have to count on the science and the data to tell us that the technologywill benefit us. We need to start utilizing the genomic science available to us in beef cattle. Quantify your herd geneticallywith respect tomaternal, growth and carcass traits. Take advantage of the programs available through American Angus Association tomake decisionswhen selecting replacement heifers andmarketing feeder cattle. We have been genomic testing our herd since 2013 (eight years) to help usmake decisions and help you select the right seedstock. Market Your CalvesWith Information – You can count on Vision Angus to help you capitalize on every opportunity tomarket your cattlewithmore informationwith ourmany industry contacts. Take advantage of the programs available such as Angus Link, Top Dollar Angus, NHTC, vaccine programs and genomic testing to name a few. There are awide variety of programs and opportunities. Many of thesewill help you acquire data and information on your feeders to help you improve your genetics,management andmarketing.

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