2021 Vision Angus Sale Catalog




KCC1 Exclusive 116E DOB: 3/13/17 | TATTOO: 116E | REG. 3306064 Exclusivewas the $120,000½interest, high selling Simmental bull of 2018 produced by Kearns Cattle Co., Rushville, Nebraska. He’s been admired by cattlemen nationwide for his big foot, heavy structure, flexibility, center dimension, natural shape and expression. Exclusive progeny are consistent in regards to a practical mature size, improved foot quality, skeletal integrity, extra three-dimensional mass and their ability to forage and gain efficiently.

MRNLCUpgrade U8676

Ellingson LegacyM229 MS NLCMojo S6119 B CNS DreamOn L186 SVF/NJC Expectation N206

MRTRHammer 308A

CLO LTS Entourage 72T SVF/HS Expecting ADream

CNS DreamOn L186 WAR DivaM704 WAGR Driver 706T Harkers Stars P117

TKCCVictoria 57A

Ford RJ Dolly Y83

CED BW WW YW MILK MWW STAY DOC 13.6 0.4 79.8 117.0 17.4 57.3 14.0 9.2 CW YG MARB REA API TI 18.4 -0.57 0.23 1.12 137.8 83.4

Lot 56

LOT 56 - Vision ExclusiveH060 DOB: 2/15/20 | TATTOO: H060 | REG. PB Simmental

MR TRHammer 308A

W/C United 956Y MissWerning KP 8543U MR NLC Upgrade U8676 LRSMS In DewTime 861U MR NLC Upgrade U8676 SVF/HS Expecting A Dream CLO LTS Entourage 72T Ford RJ Dolly Y83

KCC1 Exclusive 116E

TKCC Victoria 57A

W/C Executive Order 8543B

WRSHookedOn You E703

RRJSMiss Upgrade 708Y BW ADJ.WW ADJ. YW 84 749 1426

FAT ADJ. IMF ADJ. REA 0.21 Act 1.96 Act 16.5

An elite purebred Simmental bull that is very deserving of your consideration. Cattlemen regardlesswhich breed you’re partial to – this is a high-quality herd sire prospect one can build a cowherd around. He’s bred to exhibit more shape,muscle and body dimension in an attractive, soft-made package – and it shows fromevery angle! And he’s got all the extras to gowith it – a practical mature size, improved foot shape and design, an athletic gate, a super disposition and cowpower behind him! His dam is a highly fertile, easy fleshing and powerful Executive Order daughter with tremendous length, natural width and dimension, structural integrity and superbmothering ability. Lot 56 comes highly recommended!

Lot 57

LOTS 57-58 MR TRHammer 308A

Visiontopline Royal Stockman Vision Edella 665 # Connealy Formation 60C Vision Erica 760 MRNLC Upgrade U8676 SVF/HS Expecting A Dream CLO LTS Entourage 72T Ford RJ Dolly Y83

KCC1 Exclusive 116E

TKCC Victoria 57A

Vision Unanimous 1418#

Vision Erica 636

Vision Erica 854

LOT 57 - Vision ExclusiveH056 DOB: 2/9/20 | TATTOO: H056 | REG. 1/2 SimAngus

BW ADJ.WW ADJ. YW 88 645 1260

FAT ADJ. IMF ADJ. REA 0.17 Act 2.61 Act 15.3

LOT 58 - Vision ExclusiveH042 DOB: 1/27/20 | TATTOO: H042 | REG. 1/2 SimAngus

BW ADJ.WW ADJ. YW 86 672 1301

FAT ADJ. IMF ADJ. REA 0.15 Act 2.72 Act 13.3


Get just the right amount of hybrid vigor in Lots 57 &58 – two½SimAngus bulls that are full brothers in blood. Their Unanimous dams are super attractive, moderate, big bodied and easy fleshing females. These bulls are bred to deliver the quality you expect with extra hybrid vigor and added thickness to produce those black, fancy,market topping feeder cattle.


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